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 You need more than a good-looking resume to land a job these days. We will give you the essentials to set yourself apart and advance your career.

What We Do

WAA focuses on Career Counseling, Professional Development, Resume Improvement, Networking, Job Search, and Interview Preparation. This industry can be challenging, whether to be an Athletic Director, a Head Coach, an athletic administrator, or an assistant coach. WAA ensures that clients obtain the support and guidance they need to advance their careers. 

Joining WAA was a huge decision and moment for me professionally and my family. For many years, I could not ascertain how to effectively advance my career and prepare myself for a high-level position. Michael and his team welcomed me and my family with open arms and showed me that advancing my career and reaching my goals is possible. He was outstanding in helping me update my resume and providing information on available positions which fit my goals and skills.

My goal when joining WAA was to be a Head Baseball Coach at the collegiate level. While working with Michael in preparation for this, an opportunity arrived at my alma mater as an Athletic Director. I had no experience in this position and was not fully prepared for it. But I knew it was something I would go for as I take tremendous pride in the success of my alma mater, and it would be a life-changing opportunity for my family. 

This is where Michael and WAA truly shined. He worked closely with me for several days in preparation for the interview and connected me with other Athletic Directors around the country to network with them and pick their brains. I was fortunate enough to be offered the position, and Michael has done everything in his power to prepare me for this new position and continues to support me to this day. From working with other Athletic Directors to being a constant resource, I know I wouldn’t be as prepared or confident in my new role as Athletic Director at Colorado Northwestern if it weren’t for Michael and WAA.

I look forward to continuing to work with him and using WAA as a resource in this new role.

Zach Stevenson

Athletic Director/ Associate Dean of Athletics

Colorado Northwestern Community College

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